Digital Designer & Artworker specialising in increasing online presence for businesses.

My Skills

My strengths come from a wide range of skills that compliment each other. I am adept with Photoshop and photography, able to create photographic assets without leaving the room. I also have skills in front end web-design though my understanding of WordPress and web development, being able to create websites with a variety of functionality through the platform. Above all else though is my ability to learn quickly, all these skills I have acquired have been self taught wherever needed.

While I call myself a designer, my work takes me across a multitude of disciplines including outside the realms of design such as copy-writing and marketing analytics. I have collected such a variety of skills by adapting myself to the roles required of me; for example while I am no marketing executive, I am able to lay the foundations for one while building a website for a client.

Above all else however, my core skills and my absolute passion is in the world of graphic design and all that that entails.

Building a Relationship

Anyone looking to take on a freelance creative is taking a risk of an unknown, I understand that developing a project takes a lot of time and energy and so I hope I am able to give anyone I work with as much peace of mind as possible. While I work to understand the ideas you have, together we develop a time frame for your project including milestones and requirements while laying out the groundwork for further development of ideas. This is the initial stage of development and with it you can be safe in the knowledge that your project commences with everyone on the same page.

Looking for a creative?

Want to get your next idea off the ground? I’m always keen to help make that happen, but it starts with a discussion.

Send me an email at david-turnbull@outlook.com or fill in the form below and we’ll work out whether I’m the right fit for you.

Work by David Turnbull
Email: david-turnbull@outlook.com